Tips For Adding Scandinavian Style To Your Homes

What really is an interior Scandinavian design?

A style characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality that emerged in the early 20th century, which grew in the 1950s, in the five countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland is basic representation of a Scandinavian Design.

To know how you can add Scandinavian Design to your homes by simple modifications in your already build home you need to look for the tips given below:

  • Living Room: it should have white walls and a grey–black armchair or sofa. Use natural materials such as wool, oak wood, felted wool, cotton, and ash wood. These materials are popular for flooring and furniture and provide a qualitative visual dynamic against the otherwise minimal style of the rest of the interior.

  • Bedrooms: Most people would choose a sofa bed, but converting from the bed back to sofa and vice versa each morning and evening is often an unrealistic solution. Why not instead make a virtue out of necessity. Allow a gorgeous double bed in the space, with a fabric-covered headboard and large pillows, making it both sofa and bed. Your bed headboard should consist of 16-millimetre chipboard upholstered with 50-millimetre foam and then fabric stretched over the front. It’s a good idea to choose a single-colored fabric to avoid seaming issues. The colour palette should be cool and relaxing. It should consist of chalk white, grey and aqua.

  • Furniture and its setup: Before choosing furniture, look at the proportions of your room. Large rooms require large furniture, while small rooms need smaller and preferably lighter furniture. Set the items a little further out, where they take occupancy of the room more confidently. On the plus side they are also easier for you to navigate around, reaching the windows and different parts of the room. Another important point to bear in mind is that tables and sofas should be facing in different directions.

More important features include:

  • Natural light system:  Scandinavians use modern lighting to light up their interiors due to their shorter daylight hours. The same principles of Scandinavian design apply to Scandinavian lighting fixtures. Most Scandinavian modern lighting features a simple, neutral white aesthetic and the same clean lines found in Scandinavian furniture and home wares.

  • Lining and stripes: Use lining on the walls and in the exterior of the doors. Add striped cushions to your sofas.

  • Artwork and plants: Use simple and elegant art pieces to décor your wall. Place cactus and small plants such as fiddle leaf fig, and monstera deliciosa, snake plant in the corners or on the shelves to create aesthetics and make your environment more purified.

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